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Buying a home in Chicago is a process, one that requires numerous steps. One of the last steps in the process, once you have obtained your home loan, picked out the home of your dreams, and are prepared to pay for it, is getting a home inspection.

Xcellence Inspection Services provide a Home Inspection Checklist of what the home inspector will cover.

Home inspections are invaluable in that a professional will carefully look through the home you are looking to purchase and determine if there are any problems you may encounter. The Home Inspection is necessary to close Escrow.

What is a home inspection report? Depending on what state you live in, reports can vary. Some reports vary across counties. But typically there is a checklist that your home inspector will go through. There will be required items to be checked and general home inspection items.

Here is a brief home inspection checklist. Go over it so you can have an idea of what to expect once the home inspector Chicago arrives.

1. Roof and Attic

An inspector will climb into the attic and look at the ceiling, ventilation, Insulation roof and flashing, and chimney.


2. Interior Elements

This includes your heating system, electrical system, water heaters, fireplace, doors and windows, walls for molds and pest, and major appliances. The home inspector checks if all these systems and components are working well and have been maintained well. The inspector will also take note of any weaknesses or cracks in the walls.

All electrical features are looked at such as circuit breakers, types of wiring, grounding, and fixtures. The inspector will also check whether the wiring complies with the regulations set by the state. He or she will make sure that everything is working well and there is no risk of short-circuiting which may cause a fire.

Pests are one of the major health hazards in a home and most home inspectors Chicago will conduct a pest inspection and if they find any, they will recommend the best pest control service for it.

There are different types of mold that are found in homes but home inspectors Chicago will mostly concentrate on the toxic mold. Toxic mold is a mold type that produces hazardous toxins, called mycotoxins that cause deadly ailments. Mold and mildew usually thrive in damp and humid places.


3. Floor and underneath

Looking around the outside of the home, the inspector reviews wall coverings, drainage, windows, trim, doors, and exterior receptacles.

The checklist also includes toilets, showers, sinks, types of pipes used, and venting. The inspector will also check the pipe materials used and if there are any modifications made to the plumping system. The inspector may or may not include sewage inspection in the checklist.

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4. Exterior

If you own a garage, the inspector will look at the slab it is on. Also, the ceiling, vents, exterior, and interior as well as the roof. The home checklist also includes siding and trim, grading, driveways and walks, and airconditioning system.



A home inspector Chicago will also check if there are any violations of the fire safety code of the city. They will also recommend the placement of fire extinguishers where they are necessary as well as other fire precaution standards and equipment.

There are more things included in a home inspection checklist but the ones listed above are the most common and important. Once the inspector has finished, he will provide a report. A home cannot fail inspection because the inspection merely describes the physical condition of the house and what items may require a major or minor repair or replacement.

The buyer of the home can determine whether they want to accept the problems and fix them on their own. They can ask the seller to repair them before making the purchase. The buyer may ask for a reduced amount of the price to help compensate for the repairs that need to be done. Either way, it gives security to the buyer on their investment.


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