General InformationXcellence Inspection Services | Let this knowledgeable Chicago Residence Assessment company assistance provide you with the right information to keep you from purchasing the money pit. We’ll inform you of wellness or security concerns as well as the upkeep needs of the residence you’re aiming to buy.

Xcellence Inspection Services will be your house getting or marketing supporter! We are dedicated to offering you an exceptional solution. We’re highly skilled and also exceptionally thorough, yet have exceptional communications skills to be able to place the whole residence into the point of view for you. If you’re wanting to acquire or market in the South and Southwestern Suburbs of Chicago, we can help!

“Sean Bacon provided a wonderful, thorough inspection. Throughout the process I could sense his care that I was clear on all his findings, a genuine concern for any issue that arose, and insight on how to best manage them. In addition to his impeccable inspection service, he was a joy to be around. The inspection report came back as comprehensive as imagined based on his service the day of the inspection. I will without a doubt make sure to work with Sean again in any future home-buying endeavors.” – Review of Xcellence Inspection Services By Darla Wynn

Possessed and also operated by Specialist and Qualified House Inspector, Sean Bacon, Xcellence Inspection Services takes satisfaction in his dedication to adhering to high criteria and also offering a specialist information and solution to all of our clients.

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Xcellence Inspection Services has been one of the most trusted home inspection companies in the South and Southwestern suburbs of Chicago, including Flossmoor, Oak Lawn, Orland Park, and Joliet area.

“Dedication to excellence” is what our professionals at Xcellence Inspection Services stand by. Our certified home inspectors will conduct a thorough 3 to 5-hour evaluation of the property you’re looking to buy so that you will have an understanding of its current structural, health, and safety issues. The more defects we find, the better you will have the best ballpark value of the property and make your most confident buying or selling decision. We also highlight positive features.

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